Full-Service Lawn Care in Shillington, PA

Keep your lawn looking healthy and lush with our comprehensive lawn maintenance services. 

Your lawn is one of the focal points of your property. Keeping it well-maintained and healthy is time-consuming, but it adds value to your home. If you want to keep your lawn looking beautiful but don’t have the time or energy to devote to landscaping, call Blades of Steel Landscaping.

At Blades of Steel, we offer a variety of lawn maintenance services to the residents of Berks and Lancaster Counties. From weekly lawn and landscape care to twice-yearly yard cleanup, Blades of Steel has you covered.

Full-Service Lawn Care

Advantages of Professional Lawn Maintenance

Besides saving time, lawn maintenance is something that is often better handled by professionals. Mowing with dull blades, poor drainage, or a faulty irrigation system all pose issues that the average homeowner may not recognize.

At Blades of Steel Landscaping, our trained professionals know what to look for when taking care of the grass in Sinking Spring. We’ll ensure that your lawn not only looks beautiful, but is free of diseases, mold, weeds, or pest damage. We use high-quality equipment that is not only in top condition, but is safe and efficient. 

You don’t want to endure the expense and hassle of replacing your lawn. For the best in lawn maintenance, trust Blades of Steel Landscaping for all your mowing and preventative weed and lawn disease services. We provide residential and commercial property services, ensuring that your lawn is always at its best. 

Types of Lawn Maintenance Services

Blades of Steel offers a wide variety of services designed to ensure the health of your lawn and the surrounding landscape. 

Lawn Maintenance

Our lawn maintenance program eliminates the need to spend your free time mowing and trimming. We also provide disease and weed prevention and treatment.

Fertilization Program

A regular, thorough fertilization program ensures that there is adequate nutrition in the soil for healthy growth. We fertilize your grass several times a year to encourage healthy growth and a gorgeous lawn.  

Aeration and Lawn Renovations

Aeration helps keep your lawn weed-free, encourages regrowth, and helps your yard recover from pests or a dry summer. Combined with our fertilizer programs, your grass is sure to look lush and green. 

Fall and Spring Clean Ups

Keeping your lawn tidy and free of debris keeps your property safe. Our spring and fall cleanup services include cleaning up and removing twigs, trash, and other debris and clearing and removing leaves from your lawn. Twice-yearly lawn cleanups not only help keep your lawn thriving but also help prevent the growth of mold and weeds.

Professional Lawn Maintenance in Shillington and Sinking Spring, PA

If you want to enhance the appearance of your property but don’t have the time to devote to it, call Blades of Steel Landscaping. Our trained professionals take the burden of lawn care and maintenance off your hands, making it easy to have a beautiful lawn all year round. Call us today at (484) 706-9533 to schedule an appointment for a free estimate for our Lawn Maintenance services. 


Why do you need basic lawn maintenance?

Professional lawn maintenance offers several advantages. Not only does it save you time and effort, but it helps control pests and weeds, and keeps your lawn disease-free. Maintaining your yard increases property value and creates a safer, more beautiful outdoor space for your family and your commercial properties.  

What is a good lawn maintenance schedule?

For most homes, mowing and trimming should happen weekly. Other services, such as fertilizing, pest treatments, and lawn cleanup happen less frequently. At Blades of Steel Landscaping, one of our experienced representatives will work with you to determine the right schedule for your home or commercial property.

What is the first step in lawn care?

The first step in lawn care is calling a professional. The needs of every property differ, so an assessment helps you determine what services you need. Even if you regularly mow and trim your lawn, it may require an application of fertilizer, aeration, or other supplemental treatment. 

What are the most important lawn treatments?

Every lawn is different and has distinct maintenance needs. Some properties may need re-seeding, while others may need weed control. Blades of Steel offers free estimates for our fertilizer program and lawn maintenance to help you determine what works for your property.

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