Residential and Commercial Lawn Fertilization Program in Wernersville, PA

Revive your dying lawn with our professional fertilization program. Call today. 

Most people want a lush, green lawn to complement the front of their home or welcome clients to a commercial property. Regular watering helps, but to get your yard to the next level, it’s time to utilize a regular lawn fertilizer program.

At Blades of Steel Landscaping, our fertilization program keeps your lawn beautiful by ensuring that your soil contains the proper nutrients for healthy growth. We also offer other lawn maintenance services that, combined with the Fertilization Program, make sure your lawn flourishes all year long.

Residential and Commercial Lawn Fertilization Program

Fertilization Helps Your Lawn Thrive

Even the healthiest lawn needs help to stay that way. Our Fertilization Program offers the following benefits:

  • Promotes growth of root systems
  • Improves the soil and health of the sod
  • Replenishes vital nutrients that diminish over time
  • Helps strengthen grass against damage from drought, disease, or pets 

The Blades of Steel Fertilization Program helps you cultivate a lawn you’re proud of and ensures that it continues to thrive.  

Why You Should Hire a Professional For Lawn Fertilizing

At Blades of Steel Landscaping, we recommend applying fertilizers at specific times throughout the year. While fertilizer from your local gardening center is better than nothing, our professionals use several different types of high-quality fertilizers tailored specifically for the needs of your lawn during the time of year it’s applied. 

Hiring a professional to fertilize your lawn benefits you in several ways, keeping you from the following mistakes:

  • Using the wrong kind of fertilizer for your lawn
  • Uneven distribution of lawn fertilizer
  • Applying too much fertilizer
  • Applying fertilizer at the wrong time

Our lawn care professionals are here to help you maintain the health and beauty of your lawn with our fertilization program, eliminating the possibility of the above mistakes. 

Fertilization Schedules

The lawn care experts at Blades of Steel Landscaping typically come out to fertilize your grass about five times during the year. Treatments generally include:

Early Spring

The first treatment of the year uses a slow-release fertilizer with nutrients like potassium and nitrogen balanced and designed to strengthen your grass at the root level. This is often combined with a weed control treatment to prevent weeds from even starting to grow. 

Early Summer

The next treatment uses our balanced slow-release fertilizer to continue strengthening your grass. We may also spot-treat weeds and apply weed control. 


In the summer, we use a low-nitrogen fertilizer so that your grass gets the nutrients it needs to feed it during the hot summer months.  

Early Fall 

This fertilization treatment addresses the roots of your grass, promoting healthy development to prepare for winter.  

Late Fall 

The last fertilizer treatment of the year prepares your lawn to go dormant during the winter while nourishing to increase the speed that it greens up in the spring.  

Professional Fertilizer Application in Wernersville

At Blades of Steel Landscaping, we took our training and years of experience in lawn care and developed a fertilization program customized for the lawns in Wernersville, PA, and the surrounding areas Call us today at (484) 706-9533 to enroll in our lawn fertilization program, and let our professionals ensure that your lawn receives the nutrients necessary to keep it healthy all year round. 


What is a good fertilizer schedule?

The ideal fertilizer schedule typically includes four to six applications per year. We tailor each application to address the needs of your grass during that season. You may also choose to add preventative weed treatments to the service at any time. 

When should you fertilize your soil?

We advise fertilizing your soil in early spring, early summer, summer, early fall, and late fall. Each application ensures that your grass receives the nutrients it needs at that time, maximizing its vitality and strength. 

How long should you fertilize before planting?

Fertilize right before planting new flowers, herbs, and other in-ground plants. Then fertilize again when the plants reach their peak growing cycle, such as when it begins leafing or flowering. 

Does fertilizer expire? 

Most fertilizers do not have an expiration date and do not expire when stored correctly. If your fertilizer collects moisture, it could grow bacteria and mold. As a general rule of thumb, dispose of liquid fertilizer after ten years.

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